Brooke Class of 1974: 5k Run

Jeff Felton,  classmate and avid runner, suggested we try to do something healthy and fun as a class. Please consider running/walking in the Wellsburg Fourth of July 5K. We could get shirts and represent our class if anyone is interested. More information as the race gets closer. That would be the week before our class reunion.

Golf Outing: Brooke Class of 74 Reunion

Several of the guys have participated in a round of golf prior to Friday’s mixer  for the last three reunions. If anyone is interested in golfing at Oglebay this this year, please message Hector Strickler or comment below. We are looking to make this the best reunion ever! That date will be Friday, July 11.

Friday Night Mixer




We are going to start our 40th reunion weekend by having a mixer at the Crooked Dock at  30 12th Street, Wellsburg,  on Friday, July 11, 2014.

crooked dock

Time: 7:30-???

Ah, to be near the river on a warm summer night.

They have an outside bar and great food if you would like to eat there for dinner beforehand.

We are planning to have a live band a little later in the evening. There may be a $5 cover. Details will be edited in later.

It’s going to be a great start to a fun filled weekend. Plan on attending!

All classes are welcome to attend.

The Crooked Dock’s Facebook page

The Crooked Dock

Reunion Update


This is what we have so far:

Friday, July 12, 2014- Friday night mixer at Crooked Dock in Wellsburg. There may be a $5 cover as we may have a band. Time to be determined.

Saturday, July 12, 2014- Breakfast and tour of Brooke High School for those who would like to tour the school. Time to be determined.  Breakfast ( your own cost) will be somewhere in Weirton, close to the motels. (We will reserve a block of rooms at one of the hotels in Weirton)  Time will most likely be at 9:30 for breakfast and 11:30 for the tour, depending on how many people want to get up and eat breakfast.

Saturday, July 12, 2014-  Exact time to be determined…Reunion at the Serbian Center in Weirton. Mingle time, group photos of various communities and schools (ex: Woodland Estate kids, Hooverson Heights, etc.) Dinner at 7:00 with very short program, dance from 8:00-11:00.

Sunday- Ideas?

We will let you know the times for everything!

Hope to see you at our 40th reunion. Please send your check to the above address. Thanks!

Join us on Facebook!

Our email address is



Reunion Update

Invitations have been mailed out to the classmates who are not on facebook. Things are coming together quite well. Our 40th class reunion will be held on Saturday, July 12, at the Serbian Center in Weirton. We had 504 in our class and we hope to see many of those next summer. I will keep you updated!

Dance Dance Dance

Well, now that we have the time and the place, the next order of business is hiring the DJ for Saturday night. Right now we have two DJ’s on a list for discussion. One is Mac’s Music and the other is Chico. One thing is for sure, whoever we go with better bring a lot of 70′s What songs would you like to hear at our 40th class reunion? Here’s a few examples of what you may hear WHEN you come to the reunion. :) Please put your suggestions in the reply box so we can add them to a list to present to whichever DJ we will hire. Thanks!

Wild Cherry, Play That Funky Music

KC and The Sunshine Band (There’s at least 5 great songs) Keep I Comin Love

I’m Your Boogie Man

Led Zep Stairway to Heaven… Wasn’t this always the last dance at functions?

Commodores Brick House

Sweet Home Alabama

What do you want to hear?

Reunion Committee Meeting

brookelogoThe reunion committee met yesterday for the first time and had a very productive meeting. The meeting was held at Red Robin in Washington, Pa. Those who met were Ramaine Caparros Turrentine, Terry Biewen Marker, Janet Block Toth, Theresa Wright D’Aurora, Karen Nixon Donell, Barb Felici Provenzano and Vickie Mendenhall. Several reunion committee members had previous engagements and could not be at the meeting.

The following are the committee heads:
Vickie Mendenhall, Chair, also Social Media/Communications
Mary Ann Atwell-Facilities, Entertainment, Photographer,
Theresa D’Aurora- Finanace, Friday Night Mixer
Karen Donell- Classmate Search, also Fundraising/Sponsorships
Barb Provenzano- Decorations

The date for the reunion has been secured for July 12, 2014. The $500 deposit will be sent in soon. We will have the reunion at the Serbian Cultural Center in Weirton. Our initial thoughts are to have a cocktail reception at 6:00, followed by pictures, a short program and dinner, and then the dance. Times are not set in stone. We do know we will be going with a DJ and not a band. Several DJ’s were briefly discussed with follow-ups soon.

A mixer will be held on Friday, July 11. We have not reserved Pier 12 as they are under new management and due to re-open as The Crooked Deck. We hope to have that in place soon. We will open the mixer to other classes.
Discussion took place about other activities for the weekend: A breakfast, a tour of the school, a picnic on Sunday. It was a general discussion that was then tabled until our next meeting as we had so many other things to discuss.

We will have a hotel selection person who will get group hotel rates, compare offers, and then select a hotel which will reserve and block off a section of rooms at a discount for those who will be arriving from out of town. The hotel will be close to the Serbian Cultural Center. This will be determined later.

Treasurer Theresa D’Aurora opened a checking account and purchased a PO Box number for classmates who will be paying for their ticket/tickets through the mail. Paypal has also been set up but will not be put in place until ticket sales begin the first week of July. Ticket prices were determined with a discount for those paying early. More information on ticket prices will follow, but the price as of right now will be $35 for single/$70 for couple and $30/$60 if purchased early. Dates not set as of yet.

Fundraising/Sponsorship chairman Karen Donell discussed sponsorships. A three level sponsorship will be set up and displayed at a later date for those who wish to sponsor our class reunion. Those sponsorships may be a tax deduction. As soon as that page is set up, it will be displayed by clicking the tab at the top of this web page.

The biggest hurdle for our committee right now is the classmate search. Karen Donell is the chair for maintaining the database. If you are not a member of our Brooke High Class of 1974 group page on Facebook, we will need your email address. Our hope is to use social media to use as our base for sending out information and invitations. Mailing hard copies will be our last resort, so it is very important to get classmates on Facebook or to collect their email address. It will be the most cost effective way to go.

Volunteers are needed to help with the classmate search. If you are reading this and would like to volunteer, visit!/groups/46619803219/ or just let me know by replying to this post. Karen has a great method going and a new facebook page for this committee.

Our facebook page is extremely active. We have 155 members. Photos are being shared, music of the 1970′s is being talked about. And many reconnections and new friendships are being formed. It is exciting. We have started a Facebook event!/events/370479779724243/ and 35 classmates have already indicated they will be attending the 40th reunion.

So, far these classmates will be attending. Hope you will want to join the growing list. This is wonderful as we are 14 months away.

Bill Barnett, Barbara Lizon Groch, Vickie Mendenhall, Ken Byers, Mickey Reeves, Earla Finley Mester, Dianna Woods Saunders, Judy Wilson, Linda Barnhart Bain, Barb Felici Provenzano, Debby Conley Pasquarella, Valerie Griffith Leasure, Donna Hood Schoolcraft, Jerry Nichols, Karen Nixon Donell, Kathy Orsini Riel, Mickie Mecca Diserio, Pat DiGiacinto, Mary Ann DeMatteis Atwell, Kim Smith Brady, Nadine Hubbard Mayhew, Cindy Counselman Wilson, Vickie Andreozzi Yost, Faye Shaffer Ferrell, Virginia Molnar, Chrys Diniaco, Gary Thomas, Nancy Deters, Susan Cross Maluski, Janet Block Toth, Teresa Biewen Marker, Melissa Wales Simons, Janice olilla Pepe, Cork Shane, and Theresa Wright D’Aurora.

Our goal is to get as many classmates on social media as possible. We will be plastering SAVE THE DATE information on Facebook, Twitter,, School Feed, The Brooke High School Alumni page, newspapers, and other avenues of communication, such as this class web page.

Please check back here often. The most important thing is that we want to have a great 40th class reunion and we want to reach out and locate all classmates possible.

Sadly, there are some classmates who have passed too soon. We will remember them at the reunion and on this page when our list is complete. We have 30 names at this time…..30 names too many.

Let’s make this the best reunion ever. After all, just like our class theme, We may never pass this way again.


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